What Is No Tap Bowling?

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Bowling has been a beloved recreational activity for decades, offering people of all ages and skill levels a chance to have fun and compete. While traditional bowling rules remain the standard, variations of the game have emerged to add excitement and new challenges. One such variation is “No Tap Bowling.” In this blog, we will explore what No Tap Bowling is, how it differs from traditional bowling, and why it has gained popularity among bowling enthusiasts.

What Is No Tap Bowling?

No Tap Bowling is a modified version of traditional bowling that introduces a unique scoring system and rule set. In this variation, bowlers are awarded a strike even if they knock down a predetermined number of pins on their first ball, eliminating the need to hit all ten pins to achieve maximum points. The specific number of pins required for a strike varies but is typically set at eight or nine pins.

How No Tap Bowling Differs?

  1. Scoring System: The primary difference in No Tap Bowling is the scoring system. Instead of the traditional scoring, where a strike earns ten points plus the pinfall of the next two rolls, in No Tap Bowling, a strike is awarded regardless of the number of pins knocked down on the first ball. This scoring adjustment aims to level the playing field and increase the likelihood of higher scores.
  2. Strategic Adjustments: No Tap Bowling encourages bowlers to adopt a different strategy. Since knocking down a specific number of pins can result in a strike, bowlers may aim for the pocket (the area between the headpin and the pins on either side) or adjust their target to increase their chances of achieving a strike.
  3. Increased Scoring Potential: No Tap Bowling often results in higher scores compared to traditional bowling. By eliminating the need to hit all ten pins to score a strike, more players can experience the thrill of achieving perfect frames and higher overall scores.

Why No Tap Bowling Is Popular?

  1. Inclusive and Fun: No Tap Bowling appeals to a wide range of skill levels, making it a popular choice for casual bowlers, beginners, and those who want a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. It reduces the frustration of consistently missing strikes, allowing players to focus on the excitement of knocking down a high number of pins and celebrating their achievements.
  2. Competitive Edge: No Tap Bowling introduces a new competitive element to the game. Players can challenge themselves to achieve a higher number of strikes, aiming for a perfect game of twelve strikes, while still experiencing the camaraderie and friendly competition that bowling offers.
  3. Social Interaction: Bowling has always been a social activity, and No Tap Bowling enhances the social experience even further. The thrill of knocking down a high number of pins and celebrating strikes with friends or teammates creates a lively and enjoyable atmosphere, making it a popular choice for group outings and events.
  4. Skill Development: No Tap Bowling allows beginners to gain confidence and develop their bowling skills at a faster pace. By experiencing the satisfaction of achieving strikes more frequently, bowlers can build their technique and improve their accuracy, ultimately preparing them for traditional bowling challenges.


No Tap Bowling offers a refreshing twist to the classic game, providing an inclusive and exciting experience for bowlers of all levels. With its modified scoring system and the increased likelihood of achieving strikes, No Tap Bowling encourages friendly competition, boosts confidence, and enhances the social aspect of the game. Whether you’re a seasoned bowler looking for a new challenge or a beginner seeking a fun and rewarding bowling experience, No Tap Bowling is worth exploring for its unique and exhilarating gameplay.

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Why Is It Called No Tap Bowling?

In no tap bowling, the nine pins are already considered downed, so you don’t have to tap the pins once more.

How Do You Play No Tap Bowling?

While playing 9-pin no-tap, hitting down just 9 pins is the same thing as hitting down all ten in regular tenpin bowling. If you hit down all but one pin, you will receive a strike on the scoreboard, the pin will be swept, and it will be the next bowlers turn with a fresh rack of pins.

What Does Tap Mean In Bowling?

A “tap” is defined as a single pin left standing after an apparently perfectly thrown first ball. Sometimes the physics of this game can be humbling. Usually in five pin, the single pin left standing on a tap is a corner pin.

What Does 8 Pin No Tap Mean?

8 Pin No Tap means when you knock down at least 8 pins, it counts as a strike. How easy is that? For a $12 entry, you can compete for a variety of prizes, such as: Free bowling.


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