How To Mix Teal Paint?

Learning how to mix teal paint can help you create different shades of teal for your designs. The color teal gives the feeling of trust, calmness, balance, and reliability. Just like any other color, there are a lot of shades in teal. Instead of purchasing a tube of teal paint from the art shop, you can learn to make teal paint yourself! Today, I will teach you how to make teal color paint. The color Teal is widely popular since the 1990s. This shade was often seen in a wide range of fashion items, formal dresses, and sports apparel. Let’s now learn how to mix teal paint.

How To Mix Teal Paint?

When it comes to how to mix teal paint, you need to use a combination of primary and secondary colors. Depending on your need, you have to first decide the tone of teal you are looking for. 

Follow these steps to learn how to mix teal paint.

  1. Take a small amount of brighter, lighter shade of blue on your palette.
  2. Similarly, take a darker shade of blue (pthalo blue) on your palette.
  3. Then, take a small amount of medium green shade on your palette.
  4. Next, you’ll need a couple of yellow paints.
  5. Take equal amounts of bright yellow and amber or burnt yellow on the palette.
  6. Also, take a bit of white paint to change the intensity of the color.
  7. Now, mix 2 parts of blue paint with 1 part of the green.
  8. After mixing both colors well, add ½ to 1 part of yellow.
  9. Dab in some white to this if required.

Thus, you’ve successfully created a basic teal by taking pthalo blue paint, yellow, green, and a bit of white paint. For this process, you can use both brushes and palette knives to mix and paint. Choose brushes if you want to mix large amounts of paint or else choose a palette knife.

You can keep on reading to learn more about how to mix teal paint.

Mix Teal Acrylic Paint

Now, you must be wondering how to mix teal acrylic paint. For this, you can start mixing blue and green paints in a 50/50 ratio. Make sure you use a palette knife for this process. You can add a touch of white paint to this mixture to lighten and brighten your teal color. You can adjust the ratio of green and blue to meet your needs the most.

Let us now check out what colors make dark teal.

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Mix Dark Teal Paint

When it comes to how to mix dark teal paint, the best method is to add a touch of black color. Teal is a cool color and can be easily darkened or lightened as per your needs. For this, again you have to take an equal amount of blue and green paint on a palette. Simply add a touch of black to this mixture to darken the shade.

Even turquoise color is widely used in fashion and interior decorating. You can also produce a turquoise color at home for paintings and projects. Keep on reading further to check out how to make turquoise paint.

Make Turquoise Paint

I hope now you’ve understood how to mix teal paint. Similarly, you can also make different shades of turquoise paint using primary and secondary colors.

Simply follow these steps to learn how to make a turquoise color.

  1. In a palette, take equal amounts of blue and green paints.
  2. Now, mix blue and green colors together in a 2:1 ratio.
  3. Continue mixing the paints till the paint is evenly distributed.
  4. Add a small amount of yellow or white if required.
  5. Again, keep mixing the mixture until you get the exact shade of turquoise.

During this process, make sure you use the least amount of paint in the beginning so that you can adjust the pigment later.

You can use the same procedure if you are curious about how to mix turquoise acrylic paint. Instead of using a brush, try to use a palette knife to get the best results.

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Is Teal More Blue Or Green?

What Color Is Teal? Teal is a deep blue-green color, also called a cyan green. However, teal blue is a medium tone that contains more blue.

What Two Colors Make The Color Teal?

To make teal colour, simply add blue and green colours in equal proportion. If you want to make teal blue color, then just add blue more than green and in the end add a bit of yellow colour. You can add black and white or green, blue, yellow to darken or produce a colour as you wish.

How Do You Make Teal Brighter?

Pick a couple of yellow paints.
Again, artists differ on which shade of yellow to utilize in achieving their desired teal. A bright yellow will provide a greater brightness, while a more amber or burnt yellow will help to create a bolder, deeper hue.

Does Blue And Red Make Teal?

Mixing blue and red pigments together will give you the color violet or purple.

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What Does Teal And Purple Make?

Green and purple paint usually make a dark gray color. The more blue in the teal will make the mix muddier in appearance and result in a brownish gray.


By reading the above post, you got to learn how to make the teal color. Teal is a tertiary color that is usually made by mixing primary and secondary colors. To create a basic teal paint, combine blue and green colors well together. Then, you can add a little white to achieve the exact teal color you want. Use a small amount of black if you want to darken the teal paint. You can also create warmer undertones of teal by experimenting with different tones of blue or green. Once you understand how to mix teal paint, you can easily create different shades of teal!

What colors do you mix to get teal

How do you make teal paint?