How To Mix Corid For Goats?

How To Mix Corid For Goats? Corid, also known as Amprolium, is a medication commonly used to treat coccidiosis in goats. Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease that affects the intestines of goats and can lead to diarrhea, weight loss, and dehydration. If you’re a goat owner and need to administer Corid to your goats, it’s important to mix it correctly to ensure proper dosing. In this blog post, we will show you how to mix Corid for goats.

How To Mix Corid For Goats?

Step 1: Determine The Correct Dosage

Before you can mix Corid for your goats, you need to determine the correct dosage based on their weight. The recommended dosage for Corid is 10mg per pound of body weight. To calculate the dosage, weigh your goat and multiply their weight in pounds by 10. This will give you the total amount of Corid needed for your goat.

Step 2: Mix Corid With Water

Once you have determined the correct dosage, you can mix the Corid with water. The recommended ratio for mixing Corid is 1.5 oz per gallon of water. For example, if you need to administer 100mg of Corid to your goat, you will need to mix 10 oz of Corid with approximately 6.5 gallons of water.

To mix the Corid, add the recommended amount of powder to the water and stir until the powder is completely dissolved. It’s important to mix the Corid thoroughly to ensure an even distribution of the medication.

Step 3: Administer The Corid

Once the Corid is mixed, you can administer it to your goats. The most common method of administering Corid is through the goat’s drinking water. Make sure to remove any other sources of water to ensure that your goat drinks the medicated water. You should continue to provide your goats with medicated water for 5-7 days, or until symptoms of coccidiosis have subsided.

It’s important to note that Corid can also be administered orally using a syringe or drenching gun. If you choose to administer Corid orally, it’s important to make sure that your goat receives the correct dosage.

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How Much Corid Should You Give A Goat?

Get a powder packet of Corid and mix 2/3 cup powder with a quart of water. Dose orally 6cc per 25 pounds of body weight, for 5 days in a row.

Can You Give Corid Straight To Goats?

Amprolium (Corid, 50 mg/kg body weight per day) can be fed or added in water for a three to four-week period. This drug is not approved for use in goats and should only be used in consultation with a veterinarian.

How Much Cord To Put In Goat Water?

5-DAY TREATMENT: Add CORID 9.6% Oral Solution to drinking water at the rate of 16 fl oz/100 gals. At the usual rate of water consumption, this will provide an intake of approximately 10 mg amprolium/kg (2.2 lb) body weight. Offer this solution as the only source of water for 5 days.

How Many Ml Of Corid Per Gallon Of Water?

Mix CORID daily with fresh drinking water. I fluid ounce (30 mL) drench solution per 100 pounds calf body weight daily for 5 days. CORID drench solutions may be stored in a clean, closed, labeled container for up to 3 days. I fluid ounce (30 mL) stock solution per gallon of drinking water daily for 21 days.


In conclusion, mixing Corid for goats is a simple process that can be done at home. By following the steps outlined in this blog post, you can ensure that your goats receive the correct dosage of medication to treat coccidiosis. Always consult with a veterinarian before administering any medication to your goats to ensure proper dosing and to address any concerns you may have.


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