How To Mix Burnt Umber?

Burnt Umber is a popular color used by artists and painters. It’s a dark brown color that can be used to create a variety of tones and shades. However, mixing Burnt Umber can be challenging, especially if you’re trying to match a specific shade. In this blog, we’ll explore some tips on how to mix Burnt Umber.

How To Mix Burnt Umber?

Start With Raw Umber

Raw Umber is a lighter, yellow-brown color that can be used as a base for creating Burnt Umber. Start by mixing Raw Umber with black or burnt sienna to create a darker shade.

Add More Red

To create a warmer, reddish-brown shade, add some red or cadmium red to your Burnt Umber mixture. This will create a more vibrant, earthy tone that’s perfect for painting landscapes and natural scenes.

Experiment With Different Colors

Mixing different colors can help you achieve the perfect Burnt Umber shade. For example, adding some yellow ochre or yellow oxide to your Burnt Umber mixture can create a warmer, more golden tone. Alternatively, adding some ultramarine blue can create a cooler, more blue-gray tone.

Mix In Small Amounts

When mixing Burnt Umber, it’s important to add the colors in small amounts and mix thoroughly before adding more. This will allow you to adjust the shade gradually and avoid creating a color that’s too dark or too light.

Test On A Palette

Before applying your Burnt Umber mixture to your canvas, test it on a palette to ensure that the shade is what you’re looking for. This will allow you to adjust the color if necessary and ensure that it matches your desired tone.

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How Do You Make Black Burnt Umber?

So, you can get a very good black by mixing Burnt Umber with a dark blue like Ultramarine Blue, both usually transparent colors. Burnt Umber is more orange than yellow but since orange contains yellow and that “orange” is still very dark, it works well for that purpose.

What Colors Can Make Burnt Umber?

Burnt Umber: Take a blue base color and mix in yellow and small amounts of red. These are your primary colors. Try using ultramarine, or phthalo blue, Hansa Yellow, and naphthol red. Burnt Umber: Two parts burnt sienna with one part ultramarine blue or phthalo blue.

What Is Burnt Umber Color?

Burnt umber is a strong reddish-brown color with the hex code #6E260E, a redder variation of the shade raw umber. Umber became a popular pigment during the Baroque period, frequently used by Caravaggio and Rembrandt.

What Is Burnt Umber Made Of?

Burnt umber is made by heating raw umber, which dehydrates the iron oxides and changes them partially to the more reddish hematite. It is used for both oil and watercolor paint. The first recorded use of burnt umber as a color name in English was in 1650.


In conclusion, mixing Burnt Umber can be challenging, but with some experimentation and patience, you can achieve the perfect shade for your painting. By starting with Raw Umber, adding more red, experimenting with different colors, mixing in small amounts, and testing on a palette, you can create a beautiful Burnt Umber color that’s perfect for your artwork.


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