How To Mix Bleach For Hair?

Bleaching your hair at home becomes super easy if you know how to mix bleach for hair with the right products. Basically, hair bleaching is a practice of lightening hair color using bleaching agents. It is not always possible to visit a salon to get your hair bleached! You can easily lighten your hair color at home with the correct at-home bleach tools. In today’s post, I will teach you how to mix a bleach bath for hair. This bleaching process works best on healthy hairs as these chemicals are very strong. Keep on reading further to know everything about how to mix bleach for hair.

How To Mix Bleach For Hair?

You can follow these steps to learn how to mix bleach for hair.

Step 1: Gather All Supplies

Step 2: Choose Bleach Powder

Step 3: Choose Developer Volume

Step 4: Create The Mixture

Step 5: Remove Clumps

Step 6: Do A Patch And Strand Test

Step 7: Keep Extra Ingredients Handy

There are tons of advantages and disadvantages of bleaching hair at home. First, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for trying this stuff! You can also customize what parts of hair you want to lighten without risking miscommunication.

Without wasting much time, let us now find out how to mix a bleach bath for your hair

Step By Step Guide To Mix Bleach For Hair

In this section, I will explain the step-by-step process of how to mix a bleach wash for blonde hair.

Step 1: Gather All Supplies

Before we start talking about how to mix bleach for hair highlights, you need to gather your supplies. This includes developer, powdered bleach, plastic bowl, brush, gloves, parting combs, clips, and towel. You might also need some aluminium foil if you want to do highlights. Make sure you purchase your developer and bleach from the same brand.

Step 2: Choose Bleach Powder

Bleach is a powerful chemical that requires special care as hair bleach poisoning can occur. First, decide what shade you’re looking for and purchase bleach powder from your local beauty store. Bleach powder usually comes in packets or tubs. You can consider purchasing a tub if you’re planning to bleach your hair more than once.

Step 3: Choose Developer Volume

Bleach won’t give you the required results without a developer. Similarly, developers won’t work on hair unless you mix it with bleach! Usually, developers come in a strengths range starting from 10 to 40. 30 and 40 volume developer is mostly used for lightening hair in salons. You can go with a 20-volume developer if you aren’t sure.

You can keep on reading to know how to mix bleach and developer.

Step 4: Create The Mixture

Now, add bleach powder and developer in a 1:2 ratio in a mixing bowl and mix using a spatula/ spoon. Remember that bleach powder and developer are always measured in scoops. While mixing the bleach, the mixture won’t look blonde, it will be blueish-white or blue in color. Its consistency shouldn’t be too soupy or thick but should be like gravy. Mix the red gold color corrector in the end.

Step 5: Remove Clumps

No matter how careful you are while mixing bleach and developer, a stray clump is likely to form. Clumps prevent developers from activating bleach. It means clumps can leave your hair with patchy shades of lighter and darker colors. Make sure you squash any chunks you may find and mix them with the bleach and developer blend.

Continue to read to learn more about how to mix bleach for hair.

Step 6: Do A Patch And Strand Test

Once your bleach and developer mixture is ready, you can start to lightning your hair. It is best to perform a patch test before you start applying bleach to your hair. Simply place a small amount of the mixture behind your ear or any other part of your skin. Leave the mixture for at least 24 hours and see whether you have a reaction. At the same time, do a similar test with a strand of your hair. Leave the mixture at the recommended time and then rinse it. 

This step can make you feel a bit annoyed! But it’ll give you peace of mind before you apply the whole mixture to your hair.

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Step 7: Keep Extra Ingredients Handy

Sometimes, you have enough bleach/developer to lighten your hair, and not so much that the mixture begins to dry out. Keeping extra powdered bleach and developer handy is crucial in this case! 

You can keep on reading further to find out how to mix bleach and developer for dark black hair.

Mix Bleach For Dark Hair

Bleaching your dark black hair is a creative way to enhance your looks! The entire process of mixing bleach for dark hair is similar to the previous one. You can comfortably bleach your hair at home if you keep a few things in your mind. So, what developer to use with bleach for dark hair? A 30-vol or even 20-vol developer can be effective at lifting dark hair with less damage. A 40-vol developer might produce the most noticeable change in color. But this will also leave the harshest effect on the strength of the hair. 

Always remember that 40-vol bleach can cause burns plus will leave the hair cuticle wide open. It is essential to understand that dark hair won’t go blonde in one setting!

Bleach Powder And Peroxide Measurements

The strength of the developer doesn’t matter, but the ratio of the developer to bleach is need to be considered! Do you know how much 30-volume developer to mix with bleach? Don’t get confused about the ratios when it comes to mixing bleach and developer. The ratio of developer to bleach is 2:1 where add 2 parts of the developer to every 1 part of bleach.

When it comes to how much 40-volume developer to mix with bleach, the answer is the same, i.e 2:1. 

What Can You Mix With Bleach Powder If You Don’t Have A Developer?

You cannot substitute anything if you don’t have a developer to mix with bleach powder. Mixing bleach without a developer is a terrible idea! Bleach cannot be activated without a developer.

Should I Use 20 Or 30 Developer With Bleach?

You can use 20-vol developers with bleach as it is the highest level of developer that can be used on the scalp. Usually, a 30-vol developer is used for lifting 3 levels using permanent hair color. Choosing the right developer totally depends on the texture and natural depth of the hair.

Mix Bleach for Body Hair

Till now, I hope you’ve understood how to mix bleach for hair. The idea of hair-lightening is not limited to scalp hair. You can also beach on your body hair.

Follow these steps to know how to mix bleach for body hair.

  1. Purchase a body bleach kit from a nearby beauty store.
  2. Read all instructions on the box to ensure you mix the products correctly.
  3. You’ll see a powder bleach container, a cream activator, and a mixing tool in the kit.
  4. Using the mixing tool, empty the products into a small container.
  5. It is preferred to use 1 spatula of powder bleach and 2 scoops of cream activator.
  6. Make sure you carefully mix the bleach without getting it on your skin.

Once your bleach is mixed, you can apply it to the area you want to bleach. Ensure that all hairs are fully covered so they lighten evenly.

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What Is The Correct Ratio Of Bleach To Developer?

2:1 ratio

Measure the Bleach and Developer
The standard ratio for developer and bleach is a 2:1 ratio. That means you’ll need to blend one part of bleach for every two parts of developer.

How Much Powder Lightener And Developer Do I Mix?

Mix 1 scoop (provided) powder lightener with 1 oz. of cream developer until you get a pudding consistency. If you have thicker hair, you might need to double or triple the amount.

Do You Shampoo After Bleaching?

Shampooing and Conditioning Your Hair. Avoid washing your hair for the first 48-72 hours after bleaching it. Give your hair ample time to seal in its new color. Because bleaching is such a volatile process, your cuticles remain open for longer immediately following a bleaching session.

What Happens If You Use Too Much Developer In Bleach?

What happens if you put too much developer in bleach? The developer is supposed to help the bleach penetrate better into your hair cuticle, making it more powerful at removing hair pigment or “lifting”your hair color. If you add too much developer into bleach, your mixture first of all, will become too runny.

How Should I Mix My Bleach And Developer?

There is a rule of thumb that you must remember while mixing bleach powder and developer. Always add one part bleach with 2 parts of the developer. Alternatively, use 4 ounces of the developer with 2 ounces of bleach. This rule applies even if you use 40 volumes of developers.

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Should I Use 20 Or 30 Developer With Bleach?

20 volume is the highest level of developer that should be used on the scalp with bleach as the scalp produces more heat and increases the power of the developer. 30vol developer is ideal for lifting 3 levels using permanent hair color depending on the texture and natural depth of the hair.

What Is The Standard Ratio For Mixing Bleach?

If your bottle does not have directions, you can make a bleach solution by mixing: 5 tablespoons (1/3 cup) of bleach per gallon of room temperature water or. 4 teaspoons of bleach per quart of room temperature water.


In the above post, I’ve discussed how to mix the bleach bath for your hair in detail. A professional hair stylist knows the right way to mix bleach and developer to effectively lighten the hair. Your DIY bleaching process will be only successful once you know the right technique and tools. Simply mix one part bleach to two parts developer till no clumps are visible. Never mix and match developers and bleach from different brands. This can cause unnecessary damage to your hair. You can now easily rock the bleach blonde look in no time by learning how to mix bleach for hair.


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